Awkward Student Conversations and Ways to Make Them Easier

We've all been there before ~ you are in the hall at school or in your classroom, and a student starts that awkward conversation. How do we get out of that? What do you do? There are ways to make it better for everyone, and I have the solutions.

Awkward conversation number 1:

"I saw you at {store, mall, restaurant, etc.} the other day."

At least it wasn't the bar, right?! But we all feel silly when they say this, especially if you talked to them when they were there. We all know that we saw them too, but what do you say?

You say, "Yes, I saw you there, and it was great to see you. Isn't it great to get out and about?"

Awkward conversation number 2:

"I'm almost all tall as you," as they are looking up at you with their hands saluting you.

You're short (or tall), and they have a long way to go. What do you say?

You say, "You have quite a ways to go, and you may be taller than me one day. But for now, enjoy being you and size you are!"

Awkward conversation number 3:

This one may not be true for everyone, but since I am a reading specialist, I work with certain students throughout the year, so I get this weekly, if not daily:

"Can I come with you today?"

Now, these kids have no clue what we are doing.  We could be going to the principal's office or scrubbing the cafeteria floors, for all they know, but I think they believe we are having fun.  Yeah! We are having fun ~ reading our hearts out! So, what do I say?

I say: "Maybe your teacher and I can work something out where we can work together someday."

Why the awkward conversations?

With so many awkward conversation starters with children, we have to be ready at all times. Our students want our attention and are learning those social rules and norms, and we have to help them learn them. By having the right thing to say, we can help them learn what having a conversation is all about.

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Your students need attention, and one way to get it is through conversations, which can be awkward sometimes. Ways to make it easier for the teacher and the student will make those conversations flow.

What are some other awkward conversation starters you have heard? And how did you come back from it?

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