Hot Dots Make Interventions Fun Again!

Remediation is a BIG part of my job. Every year I spend time working with children to help them become better readers. After our students take the SOL state test, some of them get a chance to retake them for a better score. Remediation comes into play big time here, and I try to make it fun. Using Hot Dots is a great way to get them thinking again!

For some reason, even 4th graders think these pens are amazing and fun. They love how they light up make fun noises. It makes something so mundane as reading passages and answering questions fun again.

I did make it so students had to show their answers. They had to prove that they were correct before "playing" with the pens.

The Hot Dots' passages are awesome because they are leveled, meaning I can use them for so many different grade levels. I started the fourth graders out on the first 4th-grade passage and had them work their way through them.

Each student read his or her passage and answered the questions, using a "highlighter" to show their answers.  They wrote their answers on paper.

Once they had their answers, they checked them with the pen. If the answer was wrong, they had to cross out the answer and go back to find it.

If it was correct, they got to move on to check the next answer.

The goal was to get 3 out of 4 questions correct on all of the cards they completed.

The Hot Dots were such a fun success that students now ask for it every time they see it!
Kids love anything that lights up and makes noises! Hot Dots can make your intervention time fun again!

So, take remediation out of the mundane and make it fun!


  1. I have always wanted to try Hot Dots....but they can be pretty expensive. Thanks for sharing!

    Mind Sparks

    1. They are pretty expensive, but I was able to use some school funds for them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have them either. They are wonderful and fun tools for kids to use!



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