Book Talk Thursday ~ Wolfie the Bunny

Aren't you just loving these Virginia Readers' Choice books?  I sure am, and I love today's book, especially since it comes so close to the Easter holiday!

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman is a fun book that makes children of all ages think about how we need to be accepting of everyone, no matter who they are.

In the book, Dot Bunny's family has adopted a wolf as part of the family. All Dot can think about is that Wolfie, her new brother, is going to eat her and her family. Throughout the book, Dot continues to worry about what Wolfie will do to her.  In the end, she realizes that Wolfie is more than just a wolf, but he is her family.

Though the book seems super kiddish, older children will gain an understanding that even if someone is different, we have to be accepting of others as we learn about others and how we can treat them.

So, head on over and pick up Wolfie the Bunny to use with your students and help them show acceptance for others, no matter how different!

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