Book Talk Thursday ~ Found

I am really enjoying going through all of the Virginia Readers Choice books, and today's choice is another fun one that children of all ages will enjoy.

The book Found by Salina Yoon is a great story about a bear who finds a lost bunny.  He searches all over for its owner and puts up flyers all over the forest. While waiting for the owner to come forward, he spends time with the bunny and begins to enjoy its company. On a seemingly perfect day, Moose calls out "Floppy, my bunny!".  Bear stops in his tracks and realizes that he will no longer have time to spend with his newfound friend. I love how in this story, Moose realizes that Bear has taken to Floppy and lets him keep it, passing it on to someone who needs it.  What compassion!

This was a perfect book to help students with story elements. I used it with a group of fourth graders who were working on story elements.

They were able to easily see the elements in the simple text and then transfer it to tougher texts with more complex story lines. Of course, it is perfect to use with younger students as they are learning story elements.

My students spent a lot of time looking at the ads on this page and the end pages. They were quite funny, especially to fourth graders.

Again, another fine book that children will find entertaining and learn so much from.

Stop by again next week for another Virginia Readers Choice! And don't forget to link up! It can be any book you want to share!

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