Book Talk Thursday ~ The Hat

I love using picture books to help my students with comprehension skills.  Today's Book Talk Thursday does just that!

I love using Jan Brett books to help my students with predictions.  Sometimes they just can't see the big picture.  Yesterday I was working with a student who had to write the next chapter in the book.  There was no next chapter, but he had to write a prediction.  He could not wrap his head around it and wanted to read the next chapter, so he knew what to write.  It took a lot of work, but we finally got there, and he was able to write the "next chapter".

The book The Hat is perfect for helping students make predictions.

In the book, Lisa has put her winter wear on the clothesline to get some fresh air.  Her sock flies off in the wind, and a hedgehog gets it stuck on his head. As he goes around, the other animals see it and want a hat too. Kids always laugh as they see the animals in their funny hats.

Even better is the way kids can predict by using the pictures on the pages. If you look on the side of each page, you can see the next animal who will get the next "hat". Students can think about what item the animal will get and how they will act with it.

Making predictions can be tricky, but this predictions chart is perfect for helping students think about those predictions before, during, and after reading  a book.  You can grab it by clicking below.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you shared about The Hat. My daughter absolutely loves that story!


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