Book Talk Thursday ~ Santa's Book of Names

I am so ready for Christmas, and so is my entire family.  My son has planned out the entire day, down to what he is getting for Christmas.

As I get ready for Christmas, I spend time reading holiday books with my won children each night.  When I was hanging out in the library last year, I found a book that was an absolutely beautiful story for Christmas:  Santa's Book of Names by David McPhail.

As a reading specialist, this book touches my heart in so many ways.  Young Edward can't read yet, and his parents keep saying, "He will learn in his own time."  On Christmas Eve, Edward hears a loud noise and finds a book ~ Santa’s book of names.  Santa comes back for his book after Edward signals for him.  When Edward gives him the book, Santa asks Edward to ride with him around the world, promising to have him home by morning.  Edward is worried he can’t help because he can’t read, but Santa finds the perfect job for him.  As they fly through the air, Santa reads off the names and toys.  When Santa asks Edward to help, he is amazed at the new words he has learned.

The story is perfect for any child to understand not only the importance of reading, but also of perseverance.  No matter what, every child can be successful at anything they put their mind to. 

What a great message for Christmas!

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  1. I loved reading that book to my second graders before Christmas!


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