Book Talk Thursday ~ The Magickal Birthday Treat

This week for Book Talk Thursday, I am sharing a review of a book I was asked to read.  I received a free copy of the book The Magickal Birthday Treat by Sheelagh McGrath.

Jess has just turned 11, and her Nonni promises to take her on a trip that will beat any other.  They begin their magical journey around the world in Venice, Italy, even taking the time to travel through time!  They zoom from place to place ~ Victoria Falls, China, and even space and time!  Each place has significance to the characters in the story, and the number 11 pops us in many different places.

I love that the author has also included many facts about the places they visit in the book.  Not  only does she tell about the history, but it gives the reader a wonderful picture of the places they visit and why they are the way they are.

AND to make the story even more fun, Jess and her Nonni meet mythical characters throughout the story who help them along the way.

It is truly a book that young girls will enjoy reading. Each chapter is filled with fun and excitement as they travel from place to place.

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