Book Talk Thursday ~ Creepy Carrots!

As we get ready for Halloween, I wanted to share an oldie but goodie with you for Book Talk Thursday.  I just finished a unit on -ed endings with my second graders, and we are planning to play this game on Friday after reading the book today.  Enjoy!

In the book Creepy Carrots!  by Aaron Reynolds, Jasper goes into the carrot patch every day to nibble on the carrots.  All of a sudden, he starts to "see" carrots all over the place, but no one else seems to see them.  Finally, he decides to take matters into his own hands and build a fence around the carrot patch.  The fun doesn't end for the carrots, and Jasper is pleased!

The book has a great amount of past tense words in it, so I am going to spend the week working on -ed endings with my third graders, something they struggle with.  After reading the book aloud, each day we will work to find and write words with -ed endings.  For Fun Friday, we are going to play the game "Creepy Carrots".

The game is simple as students go around the board to spell past tense verbs correctly.  Or it could be used to add -ing to words, whichever you choose.  It includes two recording sheets, one for -ed endings and one for -ing endings for use in a literacy center.  The best part ~ it is FREE!  Click here or on the picture above to grab your copy!

And don't forget to link up again this week!  I love finding new books to read each week!

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