Book Talk Thursday ~ Chickadees

This week's Book Talk Thursday focuses on a vibrant book that focuses on the inquisitive mind of children.  Chickadees, Bumbelbeez, Pussy Willow Trees, and Two-And-A-Half follows the travels of three animals as they explore Chickadee island.
A monkey, cat, and pelican all want to see the world.  They all set out on their own adventures to find out more about the world.  While on the island, they hear the chickadees who live in the pussy willow trees.  They go through the island asking animals such as carpenter ants, horses, and blue crabs if they are the chickadees they hear in the trees.  They meet Sapphire, the dog on the island, who helps them find the chickadees.

Many children want to learn about the world beyond where we live.  This book reminds children that they can go anywhere and learn more about the world.

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