Fabulous Flash Drives!

I was excited to be able to work with USB Memory Direct to create some custom 8GB flash drives with my blog logo on it.
USB Memory Direct
They were so easy to work with.  I simply picked out my flash drive style, the Fit style.  I then sent them a picture of my logo.  They sent me a proof, and they were ordered.  Two weeks later, I received a box of 25 of these pretty USB drives.
I love them and have already given a few to my friends at work.  My son even wants to take one to school with him.  Here are some more pictures.
The back (the slide button)
the USB part
And it works!!
I needed a new keyring, so I think I am going to use one for my keys.  Now I can easily show off my blog logo to everyone.  I also plan to hand these out at the Virginia State Reading Conference in March.

Thanks so much, USB Direct.com for the awesome USB drives!  They will come in handy!

**I received the flash drives for free as part of a promotion from USB Direct.com and an honest review.**


  1. Replies
    1. They were actually offered to me for free. I am not sure of the price, but you can look at the website to see.


  2. Cute! I like them...and what a great idea for something to hand out!

    Mind Sparks

  3. SOOOOOOOO jealous!! I was just thinking the other day how I wanted to order something like this with my blog logo :) Cute, cute, cute!!!
    The Techie Teacher Blog

  4. Really all pics of flash dive here are so fabulous and i am so impressing by seeing these. Now my mind are think to buy these but some problem here, But overall your products are cute! cute! cute! & pretty. thanks
    bulk flash drives


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