Book Talk Thursday ~ Petunia

I have enjoyed the first few weeks of school where I get to work with many different students.  I always start out with my 3rd and 4th graders on metacognition lessons.  We had a fun time working with metacognition and thinking about what we are reading.

I used a fun book with them that a friend gave our family when she got her masters.  This book Petunia is a perfect book for helping students do a lot of thinking while they are reading.

We used my favorite speech bubble as I read the book to them.  When we use this, we take time to talk about what we are all thinking.  Here is a student using the thought bubble.

In the book, Petunia the goose finds a book.  She believes that she will be wise because she has a book, but she only finds that she really has learned nothing.  While on the farm, she gives other animals incorrect advice and makes them feel horrible.  Though she is proud of herself, she realizes that a book alone will not make you wiser.

In the end, she realizes that a book must be read to make you wiser.

This quote in the book really sums up the moral of the story.

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