Book Talk Thursday with Froggy!

This week I have spent time in the classrooms just trying to figure it all out.  I love doing this because I get to see so many different students and help teachers as they learn their new classes.

Yesterday I read the book Froggy Goes to School to the second graders.

This book is so much fun to read with students.  Froggy seems to have so much fun on his first day of school as he reads his name and teaches the class and principal to swim.  What a fun day!

Before reading the book to the students, I gave them a purpose ~ think about Froggy and how you would describe him.  We talked about how they needed to think about how Froggy acts and not just how he looks.

After reading, their teacher used our Thinking Maps software to create a Bubble Map describing Froggy.  I loved the descriptive words the kids came up with.  Here is their Bubble Map. It's a little blurry, but they really enjoyed working together to describe Froggy.

Today we are making a Double Bubble.  I can't wait to see which book we are going to read!

Don't forget to link up this week.  Next week will be the last week for the summer!


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  1. I love using Froggy books to model fluency (I can get pretty into them...). Happy back to school!
    Not very fancy


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