Monday Made It ~ My New Blog Shirt

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I love all things clothes, and I especially love when they are meaningful to me.  So, I had so much fun creating my very own shirt for my blog from A+ Images.
custom teacher blogger sample shirts
After being at Disney World last year and talking to a lady on the bus about my blog, I knew I would have to create my own shirt one day.  While talking to her, she mentioned that she loves reading teacher blogs.  I told her the name of my blog, and she knew exactly who I was.  She even said, "I knew you looked familiar!"

So, I stopped by A+ Images to create my very own blog shirt.

They have an awesome custom design tool that allows you to create your own shirt which was so simple to use!

I picked out my shirt style and color.  I loved that they had women's shirts as a choice!  I went with white, so the colors of my blog logo would show up.  After choosing my shirt, I was able to upload my picture on the front, resize, and place it right where I wanted.  I saved the shirt and worked on the back side in the same way!  Easy, peasy!

I sent it off for a quote, and if the quality was going to be bad, they would let me know before printing it.  Mine was fine, but I had peace of mind, at least.

So, I know you are wondering ~ what does it look like?  Here is my final product!  

I love it and am so proud to wear it!  I think I may create another one in a different color!  It is so comfy and fun to wear!  

And check out all of A+ Images' other sites where you can buy so many fun shirts!


  1. That is a great idea Andrea!! What great advertising....especially if you are on vacation! You could dress the whole family, ha!

    Mind Sparks

  2. I love your tagline-- Guiding Readers to reach for the stars. So inspirational!

    My Bright Blue House


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