One School Year, Many Shirts

This year, my friend Sarah at Learning is for Superstars, challenged me to wear a different school shirt each Friday that we had school.  I counted my shirts and was up for the challenge.  Friday was our last day, and the challenge was so much fun!  I made it through the entire school year wearing different school shirts thanks to sick children, conferences, spirit days, and snow days.  Here are all of my shirts from the entire year!

Started out with the shirt PTA gave us last year.  My son wore his too!

Had to borrow this one back from a friend I let use it.  We wore pink for breast cancer.
Got a photo bomber too!

This one has bad memories, but it is super cool!
Sarah designed this one!
Wore this one for 9-11

I love this one!

My husband had fun taking this picture!
I love the tie die shirts!

From last year's 6th grade field trip
Starting to get chilly!
Another selfie before the Amazing Race!
This one is really cool!  So fun!

Our Autism Awareness Christmas shirt.

Wishing for some snow days!

The long sleeve version of my 9/11 shirt

This one has grease stains on it, but I still wore it proudly.

My fleece counted as a shirt!

Valentine's Day with two of my favorite people!

Snow Fridays!!!

Another 6th grade field trip shirt

And another 6th grade field trip shirt!

This one dates me!

Got to hold a friend's baby in this shirt!

From our 21st Century Grant

Wore this one on a Tuesday for a field trip to Poplar Forest

Tie Dye on the Dam Field Trip with 4th grade

And the final shirt on the last day, which was a field day Friday!
Yep, I got photo bombed!
So, I made it all year wearing a different shirt each Friday!  So fun!!

Thanks, Sarah, for challenging me!

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