Book Talk Thursday ~ Personalized Books

This week's Book Talk Thursday is for one of my daughter's favorite new books.

I remember one of my favorite books from my childhood.  It was a super fun story that was all about me and my adventures.  My parents had gotten it for me when I was a little girl, and I read it over and over many times. (Affiliate links scattered throughout this post. This means I get a small amount of money when you purchase at no additional cost to you.)

So, I was excited that I was able to review one of these fun books for my daughter.  KD Novelties has a wonderful selection of books that you can personalize for your child.

My daughter chose the book The Ballerina Princess, which she loves!

In the book, she and her friends, all with their real names, are in dance class getting ready for a big performance.  Ginny, my daughter, watched the lead dancer throughout the practices.  When the lead dancer gets sick, Ginny knows her routine and saves the day.

Here she is enjoying the book with her daddy.  She has read this book many times since we got it and loves every bit of it.

Not only is the book great, but it was so easy to place my order.  I just picked the book I wanted and filled in a few bits of information to get the book started.  Then I waited.  But not for long!  I got the book delivered right to my door in less than a week!  How exciting!

This is a book that she will treasure for many years!  If you are looking for a great Easter gift, there is plenty of time to order a book and get it before Easter.  It will be a book they will never forget!  Just head to KD Novelties to check out their selection of personalized products, especially their books!

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