Book Talk Thursday ~ Crankee Doodle

I am so excited about this week's Book Talk Thursday!

Yesterday we were so excited to have Tom Angleberger visit us at our school to talk about reading with our students!  He lives about an hour from us, so we take advantage of that and have him come visit every so often.

He has a a super funny new picture book out called Crankee Doodle.
He illustrated it with his wife and has this great video to tell all about the experience.

Back to the book!  In Tom Angleberger style, everything is silly.  Crankee starts off by saying he is bored, but his horse thinks they should go to town.  His horse tries to remind him that they could go shopping and get a feather for his hat.  Crankee has reasons for not doing any of it, such as prices being high and the hat not being macaroni.  Kids will laugh out loud as Crankee and his horse have a conversation about the reasons to go to town and the reasons not to go to town.  So the question remains, Will Crankee and his horse go to town?  I guess you will have to read it to find out!

I leave you with some pictures of Tom at our school.  He is always so entertaining!
He reminded us that his name is AnglebeRger, not Anglebooger!
He is a professional nerd!

Dwight from the Origami Yoda books

Crankee Doodle and his horse
He told us a funny story as he drew Virginia as Jabba the State!

Don't forget to link up for March with any favorite book! Spring is right around the corner, and I can't wait!

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  1. I will be reviewing one of the kids favorite books on Tuesday, so I will pin your hop to remember to come back and link up! Following along on BlogLovin' have a Fantastic Friday!


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