Book Talk Thursday ~ Rabbit's Snow Dance

It's Linky time again for Book Talk Thursday!

We have been having some super cold weather lately, but we haven't gotten any snow!  I love a good snow day, especially when I can actually go out an enjoy it with my kids.  The time off of work is nice, but I really enjoy spending time out in the snow.

I have tried so many different things in the past to get a good snow day ~ snow dance, ice cubes in the toilet, and pajamas on backwards.  Sometimes it works, other times it does not!  But it is always worth a try!

Since snow days are right around the corner, I wanted to find a good book to get me excited about a good snow day.  There are so many good books out there, and I happened upon this great porquois tale about rabbit's tale: Rabbit's Snow Dance.
Since I spent half of my teaching career with third grade, stories like these make reading so much fun for me.  According to our curriculum, students in the third grade spend a lot of time working with fables and folktales, so this book really spoke to me.

The book starts off telling us that rabbit started off with a very long tail, as you can see in the picture on the cover of the book.  Even though it is summer, he wants to use his big feet in snow, so he thinks about how he can have snow in the middle of the summer.  He goes around the forest chanting and doing his snow dance in hopes of snow.  The other animals are not ready for the snow, but Rabbit pays them no mind.  Once the snow falls in the summer, the other animals play along and then run off to find shelter.  Rabbit, who wants the buds, falls asleep in the tree.  We then find out how Rabbit's tale became so small.

Students will enjoy this story and learn more than just why rabbits' tails are small.  They will learn an important lesson about patience and waiting for what they want.  I cannot wait until I am finished with assessments and can read this book with some of my groups!

What books do you use with your students to help them learn lessons?  What fun winter books do you have to share?  Link up below with some fun books we can read and enjoy!  The link will be open all month and will be featured each week on Book Talk Thursday, so come back and link up as many times as you like!

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  1. Congrats on your 1,000 followers! I'm currently at 99, and looking forward to my 100:) I'll be looking for that book to read, sounds cute! However, we've already had 5 days this year, so I'm not hoping for any more!!

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  2. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!! :) Keep up the great work!

  3. Congratulations, Andrea! I just stumbled upon an amazing book I want to blog about. I hope to link up this weekend. :)
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