Book Talk Thursday ~ Mom Made Us Write This in the Summer

I know, I know ~ summer is not here yet, but I am longing for some warmer weather today!  So, for Book Talk Thursday I am highlighting a book that was "written during the summer."

I was given a copy of the book Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer (Max and Maggie Journal) to read and review.
Max and Maggie, 10 year old twins, have to share a journal during the summer. Their mother feels that they need to do something during the summer that is productive.  After each of them writes in the journal, he or she must comment on the the other's entry and write about the topic that was started.

Throughout the summer, they write fun entries and banter along the way.   They tell stories about each other from when they were younger and about their summer at home.  Kids will love the fun pictures and handwritten comments.  It is definitely a book that both boys and girls will love ~ a great mixture to engage everyone!

Today is a super cold day here, only 2 degrees outside, according to a friend's car!  What a great day to curl up with a good summer book!

There are also more books in the series.  You can find out more about them by heading to Ali Maier's website Mom Made Us Write This.

Starting next week, Book Talk Thursday will be a linky again!  The linky will run for the entire month, and you can link up anytime.  I hope you will join me, so we can all find some fun books to read!

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  1. I've heard about these books twice now. Needs to go on my list! And I'm with you on wanting warmer weather. It was 7 degrees at some point here this morning. Not cool.

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