Book Talk Thursday ~ Merry Christmas, Strega Nona

Christmas is almost here, and I am gearing up for another week of Book Talk Thursday.

Feel free to link up a post about any of your favorite Christmas books to share!

The week before the holiday break, I spend a lot of my time reading aloud to students.  It is nice to let them listen to a story and work on comprehension skills and strategies.

This past week I worked with my second graders on summarizing fiction through problem and solution.  I read the book Merry Christmas, Strega Nona to my second graders.
In the book, Strega Nona asks Big Anthony to help her get things ready for the Christmas Eve feast at her house.  If you know Big Anthony, he is usually of little help to Strega Nona but always learns a lesson in the end.  While running errands in town for Strega Nona, he realizes he needs to get a gift for her and asks for help from a friend.  But he has done nothing to get ready for the Christmas Eve feast.  His gift for Strega Nona is one to beat any other!

With my students, we worked on problem and solution with this fun foldable.

I thought it was really neat that the different groups focused on different characters as having the problem.  I showed them the different ideas, and they noticed that they still told the story.

You can grab a copy of this template for free by clicking {here} or on the pictures above.

Don't forget to link up with one of your favorite holiday books! I can't wait to hear more about some of your favorite books.

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