Book Talk Thursday ~ Pinkalicious Again!

Pinkalicious is back for another Book Talk Thursday!

My daughter loves Pinkalicious, so it is fitting to write about a back to school Pinkalicious book when I go back to school today!  I was walking through Target, trying NOT to buy much of anything when I looked at the books ~ uh oh ~ and saw this little gem: Pinkalicious and the New Teacher.
Pinkalicious is at again in this book!  I love how she problem solves.  She is back to school with a new teacher and new rules.  She doesn't really like the new ways of her classroom, but she deals with it.  When she tells the teacher how she feels, they all decide to work together to decorate the classroom.  What a great idea, Pinkalicious!

Though I don't work in the classroom anymore this book reminds students that every teacher and every year will be different. Students will understand that they can do something to make this year the best year ever, no matter what!  And to help them with that, I have created this freebie to go with the book.  I think it will be great to show their teachers for some type of feedback.  It is in both handwriting lines and regular lines for students of all ages.  You can grab them by clicking on the picture below.

So, as I enter into my first day of school, I think about the new rules and things that will be different.  What will you think about as you return to school?


  1. I have that same problem at Target. Things just FLY into my cart! Hope you had a great first day back!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. My own children are huge fans of Pinkalicious as well. Thanks for sharing about the book! I own many of the titles in the series, but didn't know about this one. :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. So glad you stopped by! This one was so cute and was perfect for problem solving too! I think the kids will enjoy it!



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