Monday Made It ~ Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I am finally getting around to a Monday Made it post with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics!
My son's birthday was last week, and he wanted a cookies and cream cake.  When I went to go find one, they were outrageously expensive, so I decided to make one!  It was sooo simple and yummy!
Here's how I did it!

I used:

24 ice cream sandwiches (you can do less)

Oreo cookies (crushed up)

hot fudge

Cool Whip

To make it:

Lay out a layer of the ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of the pan.  Spread a layer of Cool Whip on top.  Then put the crushed up Oreos on top.  Heat the hot fudge and pour it on top of that.  Then put the other layer of ice cream sandwiches on top of that.  Last, spread the Cool Whip on top.

It was a hit!  Everyone loved it, and I will make it again!!  

What have you made this summer?  I can't wait to see!


  1. I agree with Kourtney--yummy! Unfortunately Oreos never last long enough in my house to make a dessert with. I usually have to hide them LOL



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