Five for Friday ~ July 11, 2014

It has been a non-exciting week, so I am dipping into last week since I didn't get to Five for Friday last week.
1.  Since Wednesday I have had a sick little girl.  I thought it was just a stomach bug, but it just won't stop.  Now she is laying on the couch doing nothing.  She doesn't even want to play in her pool.  Not sure what is going on!  Hopefully, we don't end up at the doctor yet again!

2.  Two Sundays ago, I wanted to get out of the house and go, so we went for a walk around the lake at the Peaks of Otter in Bedford.  What a relaxing time!  I love going up there and just walking and enjoying nature!

Zack was not really excited about going, but he ended up enjoying it just a little!

3.  Last week we went to the park with a friend of mine from work who has a son Ginny Beth's age.  The kids had a great time playing in the creek before the storm came!

4.  We went to see fireworks for the Fourth.  This year we went to a local school where they shot them off right in front of on the baseball fields!  Fun!  Will definitely go back again!!

5. I went to Target to finally buy some new workout shorts yesterday!  So happy they were on sale because I had too much fun in the Dollar Spot!  So many fun goodies!
What have you been up to?  Wish I was in Vegas with so many of you!  It looks like you are all having a blast and learning so much!  Maybe next year!


  1. I went to Target TWICE this week, Andrea! The Dollar Spot is an addictive place! I hope your little gal feels better! I am also hoping to get to Vegas next year as well! Everybody looks like they are just having a blast!


  2. I hope little girl is feeling better really soon! I love, love, love going to the Peaks! I have a picture of my dad, brother, and myself as a child sitting on the rock in front of the lake. Last fall, I went and took a pic with my two girls! It's on my desk at school. It's such a special place to me!

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  3. I went by the dollar spot today, but the first trip was a bit of a let down. Poor Ginny Beth! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

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