Book Talk Thursday ~ Sand Cake

It's another week of Book Talk Thursday!

I am really missing the beach this year!  Disney was fun, but I really miss the sand in my feet and the sound of the waves.  I did make it out to the lake one day this week to the beach area.  It was nice, but not quite the same.  Next year!

I was going through my daughter's books, which were many of mine and my husband's books.  I found an old classic that I really enjoyed and wanted to share it with all of you: Sand Cake (A Frank Asch Bear Book).
This book tells the story of the Bear Family and their day at the beach.  Baby Bear wants to make Papa Bear a cake, but Papa only wants it made with flour, milk, and eggs.  Baby Bear doesn't know how to do it, so Papa shows him by using the sand and drawing the ingredients in the sand.  In the end, Baby Bear shows his own creativity to show how he can eat the cake.

The book is perfect to help students see their creative sides.  Students can really think about how they can solve problems even when they can't figure it out.

So, next year I will make it to the beach and make some sand cakes with my own children!


  1. Cute! I love sharing books from my childhood with Keagan. What lake do you go to?

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. We like to go to Smith Mountain Lake. This is such a cute book!

  3. Sweet book. This summer, we are reading 1 book per day. We only have 2 more books until we need to make a run to Half Price Books - looks like I might grab this one for our beach trip!


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