Book Talk Thursday ~ Chanterelle Finds a Family

Now that I am back for a while, I am ready for Book Talk Thursday.

I love finding new books to read and share with my students.  I also love being able to review new books and share them with my readers.  I was sent a copy of the book Chanterelle Finds a Family by Nicole Brierre to read and review.
While on vacation, I received the book and sat down right away to read it when I returned home.  The front cover reminded me of my own dog, Abby, a dog who may have had similar experiences when she lived in the wild.
Abby, my 16 year old dog

The story is about a puppy who lives in the wild in an area with many chanterelle mushrooms and watches the beaver family.  She enjoys going out playing with the beaver family but always comes home alone.  She would love to have a family of her own.

One day a family walks through the area and the puppy wonders what they are doing and why they are there.  He asks the porcupine who the "creatures" are, and the porcupine answers him with his own thoughts.

While following the family and talking to the porcupine, she becomes scared and becomes injured.  The family helps the dog out by taking her to the vet.  When the dog awakens, the family decides to keep her and names her Chanterelle, after the mushrooms in the wild.

The story is based on a true story of how the author's family found their own pet.
Nicole Brierre (the author) and Chanterelle

Children and families will enjoy the story and illustrations.  The messages in the story allow families and teachers to discuss the importance of families and love.

Since the book is also written from the puppy's point of view, it is perfect for helping students learn more about point of view.  I love the way the author shows what a puppy may think about while in the wild.  This would make a great writing assignment for students to tell another story of Chanterelle while in the wild.

What a great book for families, especially with dogs like Chanterelle!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book to review and give my honest opinions.  The opinions in this review are my own.*


  1. Thank you for posting. Two very happy Labs share my family's home also.

    1. Labs are great dogs! Thanks for stopping by!



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