Book Talk Thursday ~ ABC's are Not!

I have been working with kindergarten on our end of year wrap-up.  This year I decided to have them create an ABC book that they can take home with them at the end of the year.  I have been reading a different ABC book to them each day before working on the book.  I have found some super fun ones, but my favorite has been A Isn't for Fox: An Isn't Alphabet.
The kids really enjoyed helping me rhyme throughout the book. With their end of the year assessments coming up, this was a great review of a skill that sometimes gets overlooked.  And keeping kindergarteners engaged at this point in the year is always a challenge!

After reading the book, we talked about different things that begin with each letter of the alphabet and beginning sounds.  They still really struggle with some letters like w, y, and u, but I think they have made so much progress.  I love that they are able to use their letter sounds to blend words.  This is a major step for kindergarteners as they begin to read.

The kids are really having fun making their ABC Books.  I used graphics from Suzanna at Whimsy Workshop to have pictures for each of the letters.  Here are some pictures of them coloring and putting together their books.

And here is my example I am using with them.

You can purchase the book template in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook shop! 
If you want to put it on your wish list for the big Teachers Pay Teachers sale on May 6-7 or the Teachers Notebook sale May 3-5 and grab it for 28% off, you can do that too!  It is perfect for end of the year review!

What are some of your favorite ABC books to use with students?  I need some new ideas because I am running out of books!

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