Book Talk Thursday ~ Hank Finds an Egg

I was browsing the library with my kids the other day and found the perfect book for Book Talk Thursday this week!

Our library loves to put out books on top of the shelves for people to choose. Some libraries I have been to actually put out seasonal books, but ours just puts out books the people have turned in.  I know this because I have seen the librarians do this.  AND... there was a Christmas book out this past week!

Anyway, the point is that they had this fun little book out, and I thought it was perfect for this springy time of year: Hank Finds an Egg.
This wordless picture book is absolutely adorable!  I "read" it with my three year old daughter last night, and we had so much fun with it.  The book is about a bear, which looks a lot like my husband's old teddy bear, who finds an egg on the forest floor.  He tries to get to the bird's nest in the tree in different ways but is unsuccessful.  He takes care of the egg overnight and finds a unique way to return it to its nest.  In the end, the hummingbird babies hang out with Hank and seem to be thankful.

Earlier during the day, I found my three year old looking at the pictures and making up the story.  While reading it with her, I asked her inference type questions, and she got it!  Her answers weren't spot on, but she showed understanding of the book.  It just shows that no matter how young, children understand the world around them.

I plan to read this book again and again to see if the story and ideas change.  I love wordless picture books for all ages because they lend themselves to so many different lessons ~ inferences, storytelling, predictions, the list goes on...

How do you use wordless picture books in your classroom to help with reading and reading comprehension?

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  1. Hey Andrea! This looks like a cute book, and your post reminded me of another use for wordless books. We talk about making inferences with pictures from old calendars and picture books, but with wordless pictures, students really do have to observe. I know you aren't officially doing the linky, but I linked up with you today. I was wanted to blog about nonfiction, and I remembered Book Talk Thursday. Thanks for the great idea.


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