Book Talk Thursday ~ Dog Breath

Today's Book Talk Thursday will be short and sweet!  I have been busy, busy, busy this week!

Today I read a super fun book to my second graders as we worked on problem and solution ~ Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey, one of my favorite authors.
Before reading the book, we talked about how we might get rid of a dog's bad breath.  Most of their solutions revolved around brushing its teeth or giving the dog a special bone.

As I read the book to the students, we identified the solutions the children came up with to try to get rid of Hally's bad breath.  They took her to a breathtaking view, a movie that would leave her "breathless", and on a roller coaster to lose her breath.  None of those ideas worked, but that night Hally Tosis saved the family from burglars.  She became a hero, and the family learned to deal with the bad breath.

Using this to begin a discussion on problem and solution is perfect for students.  We talked about how none of their solutions worked because Hally needed to "save the family".  The solution was nothing that the family did, though they decided to keep Hally in the end.

Needless to say, the students loved the book and the fact that Hally saved the day.  I really feel that they have a better understanding of problem and solution.

Just saw this on Facebook from Being Mommy.  I just had to share how this student might solve a problem.

How do you help students gain a better understanding of problem and solution?


  1. Dog Breath! I love that book - so much fun, and I like how you made it educational fun, too! I love reading posts like these because it reminds me to check out a well-loved book again.

    1. I just happened upon it as I was in my old classroom and remembered that it is perfect for problem and solution, so it was perfect. So glad you were able to be reminded of an old favorite!


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