Snow Day Sale!

Here in Virgina, we are ready for the "big one"!  We are definitely due for a big snowstorm since we haven't had one in quite a few years.  I grew up in Louisiana, so any snow is better than no snow!  And that big hill that is five houses up from us is calling my name!  I love when we all end up in OUR yard from five houses away!  Yes, it is that awesome!  Stay tuned for pictures on Friday!

Now, down to some business!  Since we are going to get some snow, 6-14 inches, I am joining with some of my blogging buddies to have a Snow Day sale!
I am discounting two of my products that will get you ready for some upcoming holidays!  They are perfect for this time of year, so head on over and check them out.

My first product is my Mardi Gras Fun Unit.  My students really enjoyed this last year, and I have updated it to include the Mardi Gras dates through 2016!  Mardi Gras is March 4th this year, so grab it now and start teaching about this fun holiday in a kid-friendly way!  It is regularly $4.00, but it half price at $2.00 for this Snow Day Sale!
$4.00 marked down to $2.00

My other product is another favorite with my students.  They really enjoy reading my Catch a Leprechaun Easy Reader and then playing the rhyming game to go with it.  This is regularly $3 in my store, but I am deep discounting it at $1 for the Snow Day Sale!
$3.00 marked down to $1.00
These products will be on sale Wednesday, February 12-Thursday, February 13 at 10 PM.  Happy shopping and stay tuned for more fun snow pictures on Friday!  These are also on sale in my Teachers Notebook shop!  You can grab them from there as well:  Mardi Gras Fun and Catch a Leprechaun.

Happy shopping!  Stay warm!!

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