Happy Valentine's Day Five for Friday

It's Valentine's Day, and there were no Valentine's party because we are enjoying a snow day at home!  I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to highlight my super short week.

1.  We went to school on Wednesday and had a two hour early dismissal.  One of the aides at the school fixed us some of her homemade donuts.  Yum!  I think I ate 5 of them!
This was NOT my plate!  I grazed all day long!

2.  Ginny Beth had her Valentine's party at preschool on Wednesday.  We looked at her stuff when she got home, and this is what she had.

Now, this aggravated me because I sent just some simple Sophia the First Valentines that Ginny Beth picked out for each kid and "signed" herself.  The letter that came home said for us to let the kids practice their writing skills.  Not a single item above were handwritten!  And the teachers gave the goldfish.  That was it from them!  I really feel like a horrible parent, but then I realize I am better off for it.  It took us three nights for her to "write" on her Valentines, and she is a better person for it.  And I spent a whole lot LESS money on it too!

3.  We finally got a BIG snow.  My husband and the other neighbors who have part ownership in the snowblower finally got to play with it.

4.  The kids had fun building snow igloos since the snow was too deep and fluffy to sled on.

5.  But they figured out how to sled on it!  It is definitely not safe, but they were having fun!

What were you up to this week?  Next week is supposed to get up near 60, so we are enjoying the snow while we can.  {Too bad my little girl started with a fever and cough last night, so it is inside for us today.}   Link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to let us all know!


  1. I cracked up at your sledding video! Those igloos look fun. We didn't end up getting a whole lot because the first part melted some with the rain that came in between. Still, we were able to make a snowman that's getting skinnier all day!

    I'm with you on the cards. I thought about getting something cute for Keagan's party, but he doesn't eat/need the candy. I went to Target this morning and found some in the dollar spot that were half off today. Plus they had 32 cards in them. Not ashamed to say I may save them to give again next year!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

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  2. We (the hubs and the 4 year old!) were able to get the sled going a little yesterday, but that's about it. They did get a little snowman. We had to go to Lynchburg this morning and the roads looked pretty good. I'm making Natalie write her Valentine's cards, too. We'll tackle that this weekend since they'll have their party Monday. Enjoy your snow days :)

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  3. Consider the valentines as just another example of your parenting values. As the mother of a ten year old and a 3 year old, I have learned long ago not to compare our parenting results to those of others. For example, my kids have not and never will have a birthday party anywhere other than a park or our house. I prefer to go crazy being completely involved in throwing the party, where as others prefer to let others do everything and just stand on the sidelines.
    I've always made my son address his own valentines since Kindergarten and yes, it took forever. This is training, because he also addresses all his own thank you notes.
    Keep up the great parenting!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I felt awful at first, but now I feel like I did the right thing with the Valentines. It seems that the parents were all trying to one up each other. This year she has been invited to 3 birthday parties, and she was upset when we just had family for hers. I am not ready for a bunch of 3 year olds screaming around me yet. My son will be 10 this summer, and we have always had low-key events at the house. His friends love it. This year he had a Nerf battle with no gifts. He said it was his best birthday ever. I can't complain either!

      I know that I am doing the right thing with my kids by having them address their own cards and thank you notes. They will be better people for it.



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