Five for Sick Day Friday

What a week!  Even though we had a full week of school, I still didn't work a full week!  Why?!  Keep reading my Five for Friday linked up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to find out why!

1.  Since we were out last Friday for Valentine's Day, we had all of our parties on Monday.   I had the privilege of helping out with the second grade party.  They played some fun Minute to Win It games.  
Stacking hearts
Standing candy corn
Picking up hearts with "chopsticks"

2.  Last week we got a good snow, and I was excited to go out and play in it until my little girl ended up with the flu!  Yuck!  We got her on Tamiflu within 48 hours, so we were good to go.  Then on Tuesday we gave it to her on an empty stomach.  Whoops!  I got a call and had to come home to get her from the babysitter's.  She was fine all day, eating everything in sight!  Just for fun, here are the snow-covered mountains I see as I pull out of the school.

3.  I did get to work with my first graders on some long vowel work.  They really struggled with this in their lessons, so I broke it down for them.  I wrote a book called "Let's Bake a Cake" for them.  We spent time using our finger lights to read with them and then coded the words.  We crossed out the silent e and put a line over the long a.  This helped them better understand the concept.  We also called the silent e a "Bossy e" and kept saying that it told the a to "Say your name!"  They loved it!  Now we are moving on to long i!

4.  Yesterday I tutored my kindergartener, who is making great progress.  When we were done, the babysitter dropped the kids off and said Ginny Beth was grumpy and complained of her belly hurting.  Then she got sick right there in the yard.  She couldn't keep anything down last night, so it is officially the stomach bug this time!  My son, Zack is dying for perfect attendance, so we started a grape juice regimen last night.  I read in a few places that three 6-8 oz. glasses a day will ward off the stomach bug.  I hate grape juice (too much Dimetapp in my past), but I am drinking it too!  It has to be 100% juice with no sugar added.  I have a massage tomorrow and am working a consignment sale.  I must be well!  I will let you know if it works!
5.  And since I am off today, I am going to work on our school yearbook, which is due on March 10.  Right now I am waiting for all of the pictures to upload!  Fun, fun!  I haven't been able to get much done because this little girl is not acting sick!

What have you been up to this week?  Link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching and let us all know!


  1. You've had an eventful week for sure! I hope Ginny Beth recovers quickly and everyone else stays healthy!! Enjoy the massage tomorrow!
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  2. I am glad your daughter is feeling better! That is just no fun being sick. Your Minute to Win It games looked fun! We love those type of games too.
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