Five for Friday ~ February 7, 2014

What a week!  We were actually in school every day, all day for the first time since Christmas Break!  Whew!  That means I actually have some school related items to post when I link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1.  Monday one of our first grade teachers was out with a sick child, so she had a sub.  Unfortunately, she was one that was supposed to be blocked from the system, but she made it in somehow!  What a crazy sub she was!  When I walked in, she was teaching the first graders what the Latin root sub- means.  Before I took over, she had taught the students the parts of subcutaneous and then asked, "If you get a shot subcutaneously, where do you get it?"  One student answered, "At the nurse."  Love it!  Needless to say, the day got worse, and she was sent home early!

2.  I have been working with my first grade students on short vowel word families.  We spent some time making words on these fun sound boxes.

3. This week I was able to use my Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day unit.  My second graders had never heard it, so I was so excited to read it to them.  They did really well with all of the activities.  Our favorite was the summary writing.  First they listened for words while I read the book.  {I read it twice because they just listened the first time.}  They put their words on sticky notes, and we wrote them all down.  Then we used the six most important words to write a summary.  Here is our work.

You can purchase your copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store {here}.

4. My other second grade group has been learning all about penguins with my Playful Penguins unit.  We loved using the RAN chart that Colleen and Stacy wrote about in this post on Adventures in Literacy Land.

5.  And today is Lego Day, according to Zack! Guess where I am spending my evening with 4 boys (and one other mom)!?

What have you been up to this week?  Link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching and let us all know!


  1. Andrea, we had a full week back at school as well! It sounds like yours was a little more interesting than mine - wow!! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the Lego Day!

  2. That's crazy about your sub!! I like the idea of finding the important words to make a summary. Do you have the kids count how frequently they appear?
    Oh, I hear we may not have a full week again next week. How will we ever get back into a routine?

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