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I am always looking for inspiration to help boys love to read.  It really is hard to do, and I have struggled with it with my own son.  We spent all kinds of time this past summer in the library looking for the "perfect" book.  Once he found it, he was hooked...until he finished it or the series.  Here he is finishing up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I have a group of boys who are really into skateboarding, so I was looking for something to inspire them to want to read.  I ran across the book DK Readers: Skate!
This book is perfect for boys who love skating.  The book is a mixture of a fictional story and nonfiction features.  The story is of a couple of boys who want to win a skate competition.  They try to make each other feel bad and incompetent.  In the end, they are both declared winners.

Throughout the book, there are pictures and explanations of many of the skateboarding terms.  This helps students who are not as familiar with skateboarding terms gain a better understanding of the story.

After reading this book, I would get my boys to use some of the terms mentioned in the book to write their own skateboarding story or a summary of the book.  This will help them to show that they understand the terms and story.

Inspiring boys to read is not always easy, especially when they are struggling readers.  One of the best way to motivate them is to find books or articles that they are interested in.  Once you get that hook, they will be able to find something they truly enjoy reading!

What do you to help inspire boys to read?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Andrea! I've got a boy in my class that always struggles with finding the "just right" book.
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