Trading Spaces Tuesday ~ Writing Celebrations

Hello again! I am excited to be Andrea's guest again this week!  I had the privilege of writing about phonological awareness last time I visited!  But this time, I thought I would focus on writing celebrations.

My situation is very unique because my school is departmentalized; therefore, my teammate, Maria, teaches writing ALL day long.  She loves it! I'm the Title I teacher and co-teach with her during two of her four classes.  This is our second year teaching this way and we have learned so much along the way.

One of Maria's main goals was for our students to leave her knowing and believing that they are writers.  We have tried to accomplish this goal through writing celebrations.

I wanted to share these celebrations with you!

First up...Animal Research Gallery.  Students displayed their research and posters.  As Kindergarten students, second grade students, and parents walked around, students read their research aloud to them.  Here is some of their hard work:

Next up...Fancy Tea Party Time.  We studied Fancy Nancy and the adjectives that she uses when speaking.  Students used some of these adjectives to write about how they "got fancy."  Then we celebrated this writing by hosting a fancy tea party for all the parents.  Students dressed up for the occasion and read their writing pieces to the families that joined us.

This year we were able to get a Donor's Choose project funded to help celebrate our student's writing.  We were able to print each first grade student's personal narrative on a white t-shirt.  We told them that "You are what you wear."  They are writers because they are wearing their own writing!  It was really amazing to watch their excitement.

Upcoming celebration:
We will study Mo Willems later this year.  Students will write a Mo Willems-inspired piece.  We have decided to host a "Doodle Party."  Students can read their writing pieces to their families and then write a short one together!

What do you do to celebrate writing in your classroom?  We would love to have some more ideas!

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Happy Tuesday!
Em from Curious Firsties!


  1. I love the "You are what you wear" party, and I am stealing that idea! What a neat idea! I think I'll keep each child's best writing and do this as an end of the year gift. :-)
    Comprehension Connection

    1. It really was a special event Carla! I am sure your kids will love it!

  2. That fancy tea party sounds like so much fun! I am sure that is something your students will remember for many years to come!

    Eclectic Educating


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