It's a Christmas Cookie Swap Linky!

Years ago we hosted a cookie swap for our neighborhood.  Each person brought a certain amount of cookies, and then we each took home a plate of different kinds of yummy cookies.  It was so much fun, but it got so hectic, and people just couldn't make it.  So, the fun ended.  One of my neighbors is actually thinking of starting the tradition back up, and I am super excited for the fun!

I was excited when my bloggy friend Emily from The Reading Tutor/OG decided to host a cookie swap linky.  I haven't made cookies that weren't from cookie dough in a while, so I had to look one up that I want to make.

I found these really cool candy cane cookies that look marvelous and I want to make one day.  I found them at the Betty Crocker website, and they actually look pretty easy to make.

I love peppermint at this time of year, so I could not resist.  Next weekend I will probably go out and buy the stuff to make them because they just look so yummy!  Just click {here} on the picture below to grab a copy of the recipe for yourself!
Now I am going to go back to Emily's blog to get some more yummy cookie recipes and pick some yummy cookies to make!  Head on over and link up yours too! 


  1. This recipe is so cute! I'd love to try it out! Thanks for linking up. Happy Holidays!

  2. These look really cute! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
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