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I love, love, love this time of year!  It is always so busy but so much fun in my little world of being a reading specialist.  There are so many fun books that I love to read with my kids and not enough Thursdays for Book Talk Thursday!

So, this month will be a link up of our favorite holiday/winter books to share!  Just write a blog post with a book review and link it up one week or each week!  I love new books to read with the kids!  Feel free to share with all of your friends!  Just include a link back to the post and then link up below!

And now for...

The week before Thanksgiving, our school had the book fair, and I always tend to go a little crazy!  This time I found the cutest book to use with my students.  It is not totally Christmas, but it will work!  I bought myself a copy of The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.
It is a cute book about a gingerbread man the class has just made.  The class leaves while he cools off, and he worries and wants to go find them.  He runs all throughout the school looking for his class and cannot find them.  He ends up losing a toe, falling into a lunch, and visits the principal before finding his class.  All the time, he is saying "I can catch them! I'm their gingerbread man!"

I would love to see where else the kids would have their gingerbread man go.  Since the book is written like a comic book, the students could create their own comic strip to show another place the gingerbread could be!  And what fun it would be to compare their stories to some of the other books about him on the loose!  Click {here} or on the picture below to grab a comic strip template to use with any book.  I plan to use it with my third or fourth graders before Christmas.

So, link up below with your favorite holiday or winter books!  I can't wait to see what new or old books everyone has to share!

Come back next week for a new linkup of our favorite "Night Before Christmas" books!

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  1. Andrea, I love this book! Every year the PreK class at our school reads this book and then they go in search of a real gingerbread man (someone dressed up) who is leaving a flour/sugar trail all through the school. They visit the office, nurse, cafeteria, etc. trying to find is adorable!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. Thanks for sharing your comic strip template. I'm going to use this after reading a nonfiction picture book and ask students to draw a comic that shares what they've learned. I'm going to try it this week with EAT LIKE A BEAR.
    Tricia - Bookish Ways in Math and Science

  3. Some of my boys are OBSESSED with making comic books! They will love this!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten


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