Five for Friday ~ Day after Halloween!

What a week!  It is Friday, and I am more than ready!  Give me an "Amen" if today should have been a day off of work!  I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for...

Here are my five random things for this week!

1.  Halloween ~  Need I say more!  It was fun with all of Zack's and our friends all together.  We had a blast, yet another reason I can't move from my awesome neighborhood!

2.  I even dressed up at work as a cowgirl.  It was a great way to get away with wearing jeans on a Thursday!  Plus, I got those awesome cowboy boots for free!  They are even authentic leather.  Not cheapy cheaps!
3.  I stopped by Kroger today to get some after Halloween goodies!  Got a costume for each kid to play in, and we got to go in the Weinermobile!
4.  Today the first graders made some tactile word cards to use next week.  While they were drying, this is what I found!

Yuck, stinkbug!

5.  And stay tuned next week!  I am part of another Facebook Frenzy and a big blog hop with freebies!  There will be 2 different November freebies from me!  After next weekend, they will be paid items in my store!
What have you been up to this week!  Link up and find out at Doodle Bugs Teaching!


  1. Great idea with the cowgirl costume! Any excuse to wear jeans is good in my book! That is gross about the stink bug! I am sure your first graders will enjoy the other cards though!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Thursday I had a kiddo say, "We don't have school tomorrow, right? Because on Halloween you're supposed to stay up all night and how can we do that if we have school the next day?" I agree...well all except for the staying up all night part! LOL

  3. AMEN !! Check it out: not only was Halloween on Thursday but I also had a few second graders totally off kilter already Halloween morning because they got to stay up and watch the whole Red Sox game (yes, until 11:15 pm!). So today was not fun!

    Well , I am super excited for the frenzy and blog hop too. It will be fun!

    Reading and Writing Redhead

  4. How funny about the weinermobile! I almost went as a cowgirl, but I got rid of my hat. Instead, I was Drew Brees on an off day (in my jeans and Jersey). Today was rough, but at least we can sleep in some this weekend!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  5. Hi Andrea. I liked reading your posts about the Five for Friday. That's a fun idea. Do you do it every Friday or just once in awhile? Hehe, I'm now your newest follower.

    Kelly, from
    Kelly's Classroom

    1. It is a weekly linky any blogger can participate in each Friday. I plan it out and have fun with it. This week I skipped it because of the blog hop, but I do have a lot of fun with it! Thanks so much for stopping by and following!



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