Super Sleuths Blog Hop Stop # 21

I am joining many of my great reading specialist blogging friends for a fun blog hop with great detective themed freebies products and ideas! 
I created this fun decodable book for my second graders who were working on the oi/oy sounds.  I work with struggling readers, and our new reading series has them working on these tough words when they have not even mastered long and short vowels.  I have been incorporating their spelling words into our daily lessons to help out with this tough skill.

Decodable books are great for helping students learn to read.  It forces children to attend to the words they are reading and not just memorize them.  When looking for a reader with oi/oy words in them, I found that the rest of the words in them were way too hard for my struggling second graders.  I use these a lot to help them as they learn to read new word patterns and work with them.  I have seen much more success with these books.
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Now that you've learned a little about decodable books, you're ready for my clue.  On your form, you can record the letter...
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  1. Andrea- I love your decodable freebie! I am so going to use this with my OG students when we're practicing the oi/oy spelling generalization. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yay! I am so glad you love it! I hope it helps them out!


  2. What a cute little book! Love it! Thanks!

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