Five for Frenzy Friday!

Yay for Friday!!  I am going to make this quick, so I can clean the house tonight and enjoy my weekend.

The October Facebook Frenzy is underway now!  Head on over to my Facebook to pick up a freebie and then go to the rest of them for some more!

Zack is writing a book!  This is where he is just typing away every minute he gets.  The funny thing is that in preschool, he said he wanted to be a writer when he was older.  Too fun!

This week I have played letter naming fluency games with my first grade groups.  This one was so much fun!  I got the ghosts from Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees.  You can grab them for free by clicking {here}.  I didn't use the game as she has it set up.  Instead, I set the cards out and called out a letter.  The first person (in a team of 2) who found the letter got to keep it.  They had a blast!

The toy catalogs came in this week!  Zack wants everything in the Lego catalog for Christmas.  Ginny Beth wants a pumpkin.

And a funny story!  Today I brought the kinders into my room for the first time.  They were in awe of it.  One of them asked me if I had my bed in the closet.  When I told them it was a closet, they asked if I kept my clothes in it.  Then, the light went off in it, and they were spooked!  Someone from the other room had turned the light off.

But the best is that a 3rd grader told me that I must be 20 years old!  Now, that made my week!

How was your week?  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!


  1. Glad you had a great week! Can't wait to hear how your son's book goes. It is great that he is so interested in writing! I love it when kids try to guess ages. My first year the kids thought I was thirteen!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I'm jealous your kids think you're 20. One of my kids started crying when she saw the veins on my old lady hands! Cute blog!!

  3. I love the ghost game....I bet they loved it. Aren't kinders just so cute? You just don't get those cute comments from fourth and fifth. I love them, but I'm missing my short people. ;-) Have a great week, Andrea!
    Comprehension Connection


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