September Currently!

I love September because it is "Birthday Month"!  Yes, I love my birthdays and embrace them!  I am still a kid at heart!

So, quickly, I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade with my  September Currently!

Now for some explanations!

I never get to watch the news since I have to be at work by 7:30 every morning and on hall duty!  I love just hearing what is going on in the world in the morning, especially when it is more fun news.

The grill is not working properly, so we are going to try to clean it before we buy a new one.  Ugh!

We are considering moving from our wonderful neighborhood to the school district where I work because of the schedules.  We have neighbors who may want to buy our house, but we have not heard from them.  If they don't want it, we will probably just stay here.

My three things I want to do in September:

1.  I want to spend  more time with my family and less time here.  Easy enough, right?!
2.  We are trying to save money in case we have to move and have other expenses.  Plus, it is a challenge.
3.  I really need to get rid of junk food in this house.  We eat pretty healthy, but summer was not good for us.  If I can get rid of it, we will be healthier all the way around!

So, what are you currently doing?  Link up with Farley and then see what everyone else is doing!


  1. I only get to watch the morning news and GMA during the summer, too. We have to be at school at 7:30 also, and I have a 20-30 minute commute. Have a great year.

  2. Summer is not good for us junk food wise either. I'm looking forward to cutting out the junk as well!

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  3. I'm working on eating healthier too. Eating well takes time to plan, so I often give in to the convenience of junk food. Good luck with your house!

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  4. I need to add saving money to my list! Enjoy your day off.
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  5. Andrea - you're right, we DO have similar healthy goals this month! They are so important...check back in early October and see how we did!
    : )
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    1. I will definitely be checking back! I know that when I eat healthier, I feel so much better! Good luck with yours!


  6. The best way to get rid of junk food is to just eat all of it...then it's gone. At least that's what I tell myself.

    Good luck with the house situation. We did the same thing a year and a half ago---moved into the district I teach it too, but it was quite the process.

    have a good one
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  7. I am glad you are enjoying the holiday! You're right, summer is such a hard time for avoiding junk food. Good luck with the house situation!

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  8. Ugh, moving can be stressful, but I hope everything works out for you. It does make it a lot easier when you have kids to only work with one schedule. I try to keep the junk food out, but when those cravings hit, it's too easy to go out and get more. I can't even blame it on Steven because he actually doesn't really eat junk. It's all on me.

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