A Frenzy is Happening Soon!

On Friday, there will be a frenzy going on!  A Facebook FrEnZy!!
I will have a big freebie for you on the hop.  Once August 13th comes around, you will only be able to get it from my TPT store for a price!  So, mark your calendars for Friday, August 9th and be ready to hop!  To get a head start, head over and "like" my Facebook page if you don't already!

There are actually going to be TWO hops happening ~ one for K-2 and then another for 3-12 with clip art!  I have my weekend planned out!

See you at the hop!


  1. Must. Remember. Must. Remember.

    Love the sounds of this!!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. I am not sure what time it will start, but I will definitely post about it! Have fun when it starts!



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