Book Talk Thursday ~ Father's Day Freebie

It has been one of those weeks!  The last week of school is finally upon us.  The one thing I don't like about it being now is that we don't really get to do a whole lot for Father's Day.  We always do so much for the Moms out there, but not for the dads. So, those of you who are still in school, here is a quick little something you can do for the Dads out there!

Now for another edition of Book Talk Thursday!
Today I have chosen a fun book hat looks at Dads everywhere!
The book What Dads Can't Do by Douglas Wood will make kids laugh with glee!
The book features a green dinosaur and his dad as they hang out.  The dinosaur shows that dads can push but can't swing and can't cross the street without holding hands.  There are so many other things that dads can and can't do, and all of the pictures make it fun for kids to laugh at and understand.  At the end of the book, the author tells the reader, "Most of all, whatever happens, a dad never stops loving you." How sweet!  Love this book!

Our fifth graders made a wonderfully funny book using What Santa Can't Do, also by Douglas Wood.  They used the book as a mentor text for writing and then gave different ideas for what Santa could not do.  They showed them on the announcements, and the kids though they were funny!  {So did I!}

So, I thought this book would be perfect for helping kids think of things their own Dads can and can't do!  I made some fun writing papers for you to use to help your students make a special book for their own fathers.  Click here or on the images below to grab your copy from my Dropbox!

Next week I am thinking of doing something a little different for Book Talk Thursday, and if you have read this far, I hope you will join in on the fun!

I would love to host my first linky, and with summer here, I thought this would be perfect!  Next week's Book Talk Thursday will be a linky where everyone can join in and write their own book review of a fun summer book, good professional read, or any book of your choosing!  Then, link up with me to share our favorite summer books!  So, start thinking about your "summer" book and be ready to join in!  And, if you aren't ready for it on Thursday, no big deal!  I will keep the linky open for the summer!

Tomorrow is my last day, and I couldn't be more excited!
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  1. I LOVE that book. I bought it for my daughter to give to her Dad one year when she was younger. I had forgotten all about it, until I saw your post! It is such a cute book! I will have to ask her where it ended up. She is 13 now and probably hasn't looked at it in ages. I love the idea you created to go along with the book, it's will be so much fun for kids to fill out for their dads. I am still in school until June 28 so there are lots of us out there looking for Father's day ideas. Thanks for sharing yours and bringing back some good memories for me.

  2. I excited to try your linky book talk! I don't think I will be ready Thursday but hopefully by the weekend.
    Love Teaching Kids


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