Thinking Ahead to Next Year!

I know, I know...this year is not even over, and I am already thinking about next year.  I do that a lot this time of year as I begin to pack things up and fill out all of my paperwork!  So, I was super excited when I found this fun linky by Finding JOY in 6th Grade!
So, here are the top three things I am doing differently!
As a reading specialist, I really need more data on my students.  I feel like the kids are already overassessed as it is, but I really need to do it more for my own records.  I am going to make Fridays into assessment/game day.  That way I can assess all of my students twice a month.  That may be more than I need to do, but at least I will have an action plan and can tweak as I need to.
No more of this:
Enough said!
I really do need to get parents into the school more often, especially those whose students I work with.   Despite all of the information I sent home throughout the year, the parents indicated on my surveys that there was little communication from me.  Ummmm....yeah!  Anyway, maybe if I invite them into the school to see me, they will know what I do with their students.

So, what will you do next year differently?  Link up Kim at Finding JOY in 6th Grade to let us know.  You never who you may inspire!  {Plus, there is a fun prize if you link up!}

By the way, Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing day, if you had it off!


  1. I can totally relate to your desk, Andrea! That's how mine looks too. But I'm okay with it at this point. It works okay for me. Sorry to hear that parents thought you didn't communicate much with them. I think inviting them in might be a good idea!

    1. I actually feel overwhelmed when it is like that, which is most of the time. I just am not good at organizing! One day it will all come together!


  2. Being more organized is top on my list too! I'm probably lacking a bit on the parent communication as well. I did set up a class website this year and managed to keep it updated until Spring. Not sure how much the parents visited it, but the kids loved it.

    1. I am hoping that if parents come out to see me at the school, they will know that communication is happening. I wish a website would work, but a lot of our parents don't have the Internet. Kind of sad.


  3. We have very similar goals for next year. Getting in enough assessment can be challenging. It is so meaningful, but it can be hard to set time aside from instruction. I agree about finding more ways to get parents into the school. That can be very challenging as well, but definitely worth it!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. Next year I think I am going to use the motto "When in doubt, throw it out" to eliminate most of the clutter that accumulates on my desk every day! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. I do Fridays as game day/assessment, and it works well. And it can be hard to get the parents involved sometimes!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  6. Your desk looks just like mine! I clean it off every day before leaving and by 9:00 it looks like that again!
    Stop by sometime!
    My Heart Belongs in First


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