Summer, Reading, and Legos

Summer is right around the corner, and many of our students will not read over the summer.  We just have to face the facts that so many of them just don't read.  It is hard for them because there are so many super fun things to do all summer too!  But, reading can be so much fun!  Plus, the kids don't have the parental support to get good books and read at home.  But, who said the kids have to read traditional books to count as reading?  

My son is one who struggles with finding something fun to read after a couple of weeks.  Once he has read what he likes, we spend hours in the library looking for something new to read.  This summer will be different!  Here is one of the fun things he will be reading and using this summer!

Our school has a "Buy One, Get One Free" book fair in the spring.  This allows our students to get books at a great price.  It also allows me to get some great books for Zack and Ginny Beth!

Zack is eight and in the third grade, but we still read to him every night, or at least most nights.  We are on the second Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2).
One of his favorite toys in Legos, and he has quite the collection!  It all started with my husband's old sets that were handed down to him, and it just goes on from there!  Sometimes I think Legos are taking over my house.  So, this was the book he wanted me to get for him to read:  LEGO Harry Potter: Building the Magical World.
And, he didn't put it down ~ for days!  Then, he started asking for the sets.  And we said that he had plenty of pieces to try and make some of the things in the book.  After some complaining, we lost him for a couple of hours.  He tried to build Hogwarts but couldn't figure out the stairs.  So, he settled on the Quidditch field.  Here is the picture in the book and then his creation.
We did have to go on ebay to purchase some of the minifigures and brooms, but some of them he created from his own stash of minifigures!  Going on ebay was great because he was reading all about what he was looking at and the prices.  He could even tell you when the auctions ended!  I was impressed!

Just think of all of the reading he was doing!  We read with him to get him intrigued.  Then, he read all about the Harry Potter Lego sets.  He used the picture and captions in the book to create his own Quidditch field.  Then he read the ebay listings to find the other things he needed to complete his masterpiece!

There are endless possibilities to "fun" reading.  What kind of FUN things do your kids like to read over the summer?

I can't wait to hear your fun reading ideas!

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  1. I like to read Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies.


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