Book Talk Thursday ~ Frindle {Community Read and Freebie}

It is that time again!  Time for Book Talk Thursday!  I am going to work this weekend on getting links to them all in my Book Reviews section.  Now that the yearbook is behind me, I can focus more on my blog again!

This week I am focusing on the book Frindle by Andrew Clements.  This is my good friend Sarah at Learning is for Superstars' favorite book!  She has a wonderful post and freebie for you too!  After grabbing your freebie here, head on over to get your freebie there too!
Each year our school works with the public library to host a Community Read.  The first year we did Shiloh, and last year we read Bunnicula by James Howe.  These are all some of my favorite books and are fun for kids to read!

This year, we are reading Frindle.  Our librarian does a wonderful job setting everything up.   She sends home a book with each family along with a letter with "homework" reading. This year she sent everyone home with their very own "frindles".  The next morning, she uses the morning announcements to ask a question about the reading for everyone to answer.  Then on Friday she chooses a "winner" from various grade levels to win a prize.  This year she has gotten some "big frindles" to give away.

Now to the story!  Nick is "that kid" in the class who is not bad but is not innocent either.  {These are some of my favorites because their minds are always working!  You just have to hone it in!}  He always likes to lead the others in his class to do something unique and different to aggravate the teacher.  But, when he enters fifth grade, Mrs. Granger is like no other teacher.  She is not going to let Nick get away with anything, especially when it comes to her favorite book ~ the dictionary!

Nick isn't going to be defeated!  When he calls a pen a "frindle" and gets all of his friends to join in, fifth grade begins to change.   Not only do his friends join in, but the entire community calls pens "frindle" and word spreads across the nation.  Nick is an overnight sensation!  But, what about Mrs. Granger?  How does she feel?  If you haven't read it, you need to read it to find out!

Each year, our librarian also has the students work on a culminating activity.  This year I created some papers for the students to use.  The students will write about a household item, giving it a new name.  I have created three different levels of writing paper for the students to use since our school includes PK-6.  I can't wait to see what the kids come up with!

And, you can have them as freebies!  Click here or on the pictures below to download it from my Dropbox.

Hop on over to my friend Sarah at Learning is for Superstars to see what she has to say about her favorite book ~ Frindle!

I guess it is time for me to go use my frindle to write some notes for school!  Enjoy the freebie!

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