Time to Clean Up!

No, I am not talking about preschool, but my TPT store!  I have been selling since 2008, and I have some items on there that were, well, not up to par.  My Main Idea and Detail Concentration Game is one of my best sellers, and I usually get pretty good feedback on it.  But a couple of times, people have wanted it to be more "creative" or needed an answer key.  These are both things I overlooked when trying to get started.

So, I spruced it up with a cover page, cutesy cards, an answer key, and a graphic organizer!  It has been priced at $1.50, but with my extra hard work, I am going to raise the price.  BUT, you are in luck!  I am keeping it at $1.50 through Sunday, January 20.  After that, the price will go up to $2.00.  I have also posted this in my Teacher's Notebook Shop as well.

So, head on over and grab it by clicking here or on the picture below.  My students have really enjoyed playing the game without the cutesyness, but I think they will enjoy it more with that cute factor going on!
I am also participating in a fun 100 follower giveaway at Mindful Rambles.  Stop on by and see what goodies you can grab!  I am giving away two products from my store!

Also, stay tuned for my big 400 follower giveaway coming soon!
Until next time!

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