Reading Difficulty? ~ Try Some Free Glasses

Do your students ever look like this when they are reading the board or a book?

I know the perfect way to help them out!

As a reading specialist, I work with students who struggle with reading.  Most of the time, there is a true reason they struggle ~ lack of reading experiences, inability to focus, motivation, and sometimes eyesight.  This has happened a few times, and those students usually just take off with it running!

But, glasses can be expensive!  And, who really wants to go waiting around in a store for hours to be helped when you have better things to do?  Well, I have the answer!

A few weeks ago, Firmoo, an online eyeglass company, contacted me to review a pair of glasses.  This could not have come at a better time because I was in the market for some new glasses.  Of course, I was skeptical about not being able to try my glasses on, but the process was so simple!  The hardest part was deciding which pair I wanted!

I started out looking in their gallery of frames that range in price from $8 to about $68.  I was impressed with the prices because the last time I looked at glasses at a chain store, they were over $100 for the frames!   I picked out the pairs I liked the best and went from there.

I then took a picture of myself with my phone and uploaded it to the site to "try on" the glasses.  Wow!  It really works!  There are also some other faces that you can use to try on the glasses.  I found one that had the same shape as me and used both my picture and hers to try on glasses.   That made it even easier to pick out glasses because some frames just didn't look right on my face.

I whittled it down to two frames and picked the best looking frame.  Then I entered the information from my prescription and had to find my "PD".  That was the hardest part.  I had to measure from pupil to pupil, which is tough because my eyes are dark brown.  But, it was done.  Did I mention I did all of this in my pajamas?  Can't go to the store like that!

Then I just had to wait to get them in the mail.  Yea!!!!!  I opened up my red case and put them on.  My son said, "They look better than your other ones."  And I tried those old ones on!  My husband even liked them, even though he had no say in my choice.  I took them to work the next day and got many compliments on them.

So, if your students (or yourself) look like the above pictures, get them some glasses from Firmoo for free!  Yes, I said for free!!!  Your first pair is FREE!!  You just pay shipping and handling!  Just think, you can be looking at the world differently, just as I now am!
Click on either of the pictures to see my glasses up close!

These pretty pink glasses are now going into my car to replace my other glasses, which are scratched.  I use glasses mainly to drive and see distances, so these will be perfect!

So, head on over to Firmoo and get your glasses!  If you have any questions about Firmoo, you can click here to get answers to your questions.  I am not kidding when I say I will be ordering a new pair of sunglasses because mine are scratched too!

{A big thank you to my friend Brittany for letting me use her classroom and snapping these fun pictures!}

Until next time!

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