Some Plans Were Never Meant to Be, So I'm Linking Up Instead

I had planned a fun blog post about my day today, and some of the things we did, including my new fun pointers I made on the fly today.  BUT, I left the camera at school!  So, I am changing my plans for my blog post tonight and linking up with Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny Tiny Teacher for their 12 in'12 Linky Party!

So, here it is ~

12.  Favorite Movie I Watched ~ I am not a big movie goer.  I only saw two movies this year in the theater ~ Madagascar 3 and Breaking Dawn 2, so I would have to say Breaking Dawn 2.  It sure was interesting to see the twists and listen to my friend yell out in the middle of the movie!  

11.  Favorite TV Series ~ Everyone knows I love all things HGTV, but I would have to say that my favorite show to sit and watch is still The Amazing Race.  I live vicariously through all of the people running the race and wish I could do it too!

10.  Favorite Restaurant ~ Hands down Macado's!   This is a fairly local restaurant that I have frequented since college.  It is mostly deli sandwiches, too many to count and lots of other things too.  It was so nice to finally have my friend Crystal with me on our birthdays to celebrate at Macado's.  If you are ever near one, you must go!!
9.  Favorite new thing I tried ~ I am not much for trying new things.  I guess if I had to choose something, it would have to be raising a girl.  She is so different than a little boy!  
 I have also really enjoyed selling ugly Christmas sweaters on ebay. One of my coworkers and I scoured Goodwill stores for ugly sweaters for $3.50.  Then I listed them on ebay for a starting bid of $7.  Most of them sold for around $10, but the one below sold for $71!!  How fun is that!!
8.  Favorite Gift I Received ~ My laminator from my Mom for my birthday!  It has come in handy on many occasions!!!
7.  Favorite Thing I Pinned ~ I am not really good at pinning.  I pin some things but not others.  I should pin more, but I just forget.  I would say anything from TPT that has proven useful, which is everything, would be my favorite pins!

6.  Favorite Blog Post ~ My Early Grades and Leveling Books post.  I had just finished reading the book Beyond Leveled Books and was really convicted of the things that I have done in my own classroom.  I had a lot of interesting and thought provoking comments on that post too!

5.  Favorite Accomplishment ~ Starting this blog ~ I have thought about it for years, so I finally dove in and did it!  It has been fun meeting new people, designing my own blog, and telling others of my own teaching style and ideas.  Plus, it has helped me to become a better teacher.  I look at what everyone else is doing and strive to be as good as everyone else out there in blogland!

4.  Favorite picture(s)  I can't choose just one! ~  I have the hardest time taking pictures of the kids where they look good, but this was the first shot I took, pure luck!
I also love our family picture this year.  Again, it was the first shot my mother - in - law took of us.  Never happens with an almost two year old!
  And this one of the kids cleaning!  Self-explanatory!
3.  Favorite memory ~ The day my son's team won the championship for baseball.  It was his first year playing baseball, and I wasn't sure he would like it.  I was wrong because he LOVED it!  The rec department had a tournament, and we lost the first game, came up from behind to win  the final game, game two of a double header.  One of my friends was there to cheer us on, and she was as happy as the parents.  Here is the winning team!
And my cousin's wedding in Tulsa ~ It was so great to see my cousins and family and let everyone meet Ginny Beth.
 2.  Goal for 2013 ~ To have meatier blog posts.  I want my blog posts to focus more on what I am teaching.  I find that I link up more than I want to, like right now, or talk about my TPT products and freebies.  I really want my blog to have a good combination of it all!

1.  One Little Word ~ Elated ~ I feel elated because this little blog has done better than I ever imagined.  I am elated because I have gone from 9 followers on TPT to 153 in less than a year!  I feel elated because I love my job and my co-workers.  I just feel elated!

Now it's your turn!  Head on over and link up with Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny Tiny Teacher!

Until next time!


  1. What a resourceful idea to resell ugly Christmas sweaters! And I'm right with you on needing to make meatier blog posts. This is my second linky for the week. I've just been too tired to think about posts.

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. Thanks for linking up!
    I loved the Amazing Race this season!!! Were you happy with the results???? I was really hoping Texas or the Chippendales would win . . . but oh well. :)
    That Ugly Sweater endeavor is HILARIOUS!! SO SMART!!


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