Making Predictions with Picture Books and a Freebie

Next week is going to be a fairly easy week.  As a Reading Specialist, I go from class to class and work with students either in my little room or in their rooms.  The week before holidays are always CrAzY!  So, I plan easy to implement activities, those that students can miss a day and catch up the next.

I LOVE Jan Brett books!  Before I started teaching I fell in love with them.  The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is engaging.  After winning two different Jan Brett units, I absolutely could not pass up this opportunity.  I won the Jan Brett Winter Book Units by Creation Castle and The Wild Christmas Reindeer Unit by Cutesy Clickables, so I knew exactly what I would use!!  To complement those two units, I also purchased the
Balanced Literacy and Craft with Jan Brett Holiday Stories from 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray to get everything I needed for the books I wanted to use.

On Monday Today I will be reading the books to my various groups and will have them all predict as we work through the books.  I created a simple prediction chart for them to use with any book.  This is something that I can use throughout the year to help with predictions.  I really want the students to understand that predictions should make sense but are not always correct.  Many times students do not want to make a prediction because they fear they will be wrong.  It's OK to be wrong with predictions, just make sure the students understand why and use clues to create good predictions.

I am offering this as a freebie!  Click on the picture below to head over to my TPT store for your freebie.
I am so glad Friday is finally here!  I am just dreading next week with a full week of work and many rowdy students!!  For those of you in the same boat, I am sending prayers for all us!  For those of you off, please come to my house and wrap the gifts to go under the tree!

Check back next week as I talk about the various books we have focused on and the activities we have completed.

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Until next time!

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