Last Currently of 2012

Well, it is that time of the month again!  Currently time, and this will be my last one for the year 2012.  I can't believe it is almost over!  Here it is.

It sure has been a busy weekend!  Since baseball season, there has been a new tournament movement in the county's rec department.  We have played in them all.  We won the baseball, didn't make it to the championship game in soccer, and have now made it to the championship game for basketball.  Tomorrow night we play against the other team from Zack's school who is really good.  We will probably get second place, but I know we played our hearts out!  It has been fun!

Usually we have a team mom who gets all of the snacks together for tournaments, but no one came through.  After yesterday's two games, I realized the boys were hungry and tired, so another mom and I took on the initiative to bring snacks and drinks for them after the game.  They were thankful for them after playing two tough games in a row.

On another note, I got an awesome email today from Heather at Creation Castle.  I won their Jan Brett Winter Books Unit!  I love Jan Brett, and this is chock full of fun stuff to do with 5 different Jan Brett winter books!  My lesson plans are done for a while!!!!  If you love Jan Brett, you should check this out.  Everything is needed for each book!
Don't forget to go over to Farley's blog and link up and then go see what everyone else is currently doing!
Oh' boy fourth grade
I guess our next Currently will be in 2013!  But I will have more posts before then!

Until next time!


  1. Hi Andrea! I found you through Farley's site. I just love the background on your blog! It just caught my eye right away. Congratulations on winning the Jan Brett pack! I'll have to check it out. I just love her books. I am now a follower.

    The Reinspired Teacher

  2. Hi Andrea! I also found you throuogh Farley's site. I love that you are a Reading Specialist. I will definitely have to spend some time looking through your blog. I LOVE teaching Reading to my 2nd grade students. It is the one subject that I do the most research on. Congratulations on winning the Jan Brett pack. She has some awesome books. I wish December would last longer so that I could do many, many, many more FUN Reading activities. Take care and I will be visiting again soon. I need to go and do my December Currently now. :)

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