Building a Snowman

Brrrr!  It has finally gotten cold, yet I am ready for the cold to set in and some snow days to come my way!  Growing up in Louisiana, we never had snow (at least not enough to enjoy), so I look forward to the fun times I get to have with my kids in the snow!  So, bring it on!

I am a planner, a lesson planner!  I don't plan weeks ahead because I have done that before, just to have them messed up because of assemblies and such.   But, I cannot leave work the Thursday before without having my plans completed.  Then I have to have everything copied, sorted, and ready for the following Monday by Friday afternoon.  So, today I worked diligently on my "We Build a Snowman" book with writing activities.  My first graders will be working on it when we return from break.  I have posted it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
It includes word with picture cards, an emergent reader, snowman pieces to make your own snowman, a flow map idea with templates, and planning paper.  I did not include the writing paper because I just couldn't get it to work right!  Ugh!

I used the Build a Snowman clipart from Tracee Orman, which I love!  It is so cute and versatile!  I also used her Handwriting Lines, which come in so handy for my younger students. 

This is also included in the Welcome Winter Sale that starts tomorrow and runs through

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so I am going to be well rested!

Until next time!

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